Careers Day – June 2021

Friday 25 June is our next SMSVC day of the year, where we collapse the timetable to cover our PSHE curriculum. Below is a brief outline of the topics that will be covered during the day by each year group. The theme for this day is vocations, money and budgeting, where we will look at God’s calling and types of work that children feel they are suited to doing. You may wish to have discussions in advance with your children so that they and yourselves have an awareness about what they will be learning.

KS2 – Year 5 and 6

  • Design a product – Children will look into what an entrepreneur is. They will then look at creating their own product and pitch it towards the class.
  • Household budgeting – During this session children will look at the cost of different items in the household. They will meet Billy who struggles with money and be introduced to fixed household costs, essential living costs and non-essential costs.
  • My dream job – Children will look towards their dream job, they will consider the skills needed and subjects within school.
  • Problem solving – This session includes a range of problem-solving skills, children will consider steps to solve the issues.

KS3 – Year 7 and 8

  • Apprenticeships – Year 7 and 8 pupils will be introduced to apprenticeships; this will be seen as different route to employment. Children will consider the advantages and disadvantages and think about if it is a route for them.
  • Money management – Identify information about income and expenditure in case studies. They will look to find where they can make sensible cuts to expenditure or income increased to help manage their money effectively.
  • The importance of languages – The session will look at the importance of languages. Children will be shown facts and figures and how they can improve the chance of employment.
  • The working world – Children will look at employability skills and apply these to a range of vocations.

If you have any concerns, please contact the school regarding your query.


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