Monday 29th March is our next SMVSC day of the year, where we collapse the timetable to cover our PSHE curriculum. Below, is a brief outline of the topics that will be covered during the day by each year group. The theme for this day is relationships, our bodies and sex education, each session being age appropriate and following the diocese scheme of work, using a programme called Ten:Ten, after the Governments implementation of the new RSE curriculum. Ten:Ten is a leading provider of faith-based resources for Catholic schools which helps school communities grow in faith, love, understanding and compassion.

For more detailed information, please look at our website curriculum maps for a more thorough outline of what each lesson will entail.

Year 5:

  • Spots and sleep (Ten:Ten Resource) – This session discusses how children can respect their bodies as gifts from God by looking after them appropriately. They will learn that good choices regarding rest, sleep, exercise, personal hygiene and diet will have a positive impact on their health.
  • Family, friends and others (Ten:Ten Resource) – This session will help children to identify more complex relationships in their lives, including family, friends and other people; they will explore how to relate to people within these different relationships. Children will also discuss what it means to be a good friend, and learn some strategies to use when relationships become difficult.
  • Changing bodies (Ten:Ten Resource) – In this session, pupils will use the correct terminology for genitalia relating to the discussion on puberty and explore some of the specific physical and emotional changes that will take place for boys and girls over the coming years.
  • Sharing isn’t always caring (Ten:Ten Resource) – This session focuses on children making safe and sensible decisions about what content to share or not share, including photos, passwords and other personal information. Children will discuss how this can be damaging and dangerous and will explore rules to remember to keep themselves safe.
  • Girls’ Bodies and Boys’ Bodies (Ten:Ten Resource) – This will be led in two different groups for boys and girls. Through the drama, follow-up discussion, teaching and personal activity, the pupils will learn about the physical changes that take place for girls and boys during puberty.

Year 6:

  • Respecting our bodies (Ten:Ten Resource) – About the need to respect and look after their bodies as a gift from God through what they wear, what they eat and what they physically do.
  • Making babies (Ten:Ten Resource) – How a baby grows and develops in its mother’s womb.
  • Types of abuse (Ten:Ten Resource) – To judge well what kind of physical contact is acceptable or unacceptable and how to respond. That there are different people we can trust for help, especially those closest to us who care for us, including parents and teachers.
  • Peculiar feelings (Ten:Ten Resource) – In this session, pupils will observe and discuss how people behave and react to their feelings and emotions, and how these feelings can change quickly.
  • Body image (Ten:Ten Resource) – To recognise that images in the media do not always reflect reality and can affect how people feel about themselves

Year 7:

  • Healthy Relationships – Understanding what a healthy relationship should look like and what to expect from a healthy relationship (including different forms or relationships). This also touches upon rights of a person.
  • Changing bodies (Ten:Ten Resource) – Building on the religious understanding of the body, students will explore changes in puberty, including physical and emotional changes. They will consider how to look after and accept their changing bodies, including how to take responsibility for personal hygiene, and understand that there are different body shapes, sizes and personal attributes.
  • Healthy inside and out (Ten:Ten Resource) – In this session, pupils identify what contributes to their self-esteem, and how high or low levels of self-esteem can affect their confidence and decision making. Building on previous exploration of body shapes and sizes, they will explore the effect of body image and learn techniques to help them increase self-esteem.
  • Where we come from (Ten:Ten Resource) – This session enables students to understand sexual intercourse within a scientific, moral and religious context, leading them in turn to a richer understanding of human reproduction, including fertility and the menstrual cycle.
  • Local crime (PSCO Visitor) – Local PSCO’s will come in and speak to the children about local crime. They will find out facts and be given advice on how to avoid crime and ways to report it if they see it.

Year 8:

  • Police led session on Child Sexual Exploitation – This will be then followed up with a session with their form teachers to consolidate their understanding of what has been delivered by the police. This session will be age-appropriate to the year group.
  • Consent – Children will watch a recent documentary recorded for BBC through iPlayer. The sharing of explicit or sexual images or videos without consent is raging in the UK, with cases reported to police doubling in four years. The documentary talks about the impact on victims, and wants to find out whether perpetrators can expect to see consequences for their actions.
  • Appreciating differences (Ten:Ten Resource) – Students will learn about male/female differences, including issues such as gender stereotypes, gender dysphoria and transgenderism. Equality is championed as being of great importance, whilst simultaneously crucial is celebrating difference. Students will learn that bullying and exclusion is always wrong.
  • Tough relationships (Ten:Ten Resource) – Building on themes of equality and celebrating difference, this session addresses the themes of prejudice and discrimination, both historical and current. Pupils will learn about privilege, ‘Protected Characteristics’ and how to resist judgement. The session ends with a challenge for pupils to choose the route of tolerance, kindness and forgiveness, and never to suffer in silence.
  • Feelings (Ten:Ten Resource) – This session explores God’s wonderful gift of sexual attraction, which requires self-control, mutual respect and patience to manage well. Pupils will also learn that God has a plan for sex: that our deepest drive to love and be loved is met through sexual union which is total, faithful and open to the precious gift of life.

Although some of the sessions for different year groups will be on similar subjects, the sessions are differentiated to suit the age group.

If you have any concerns, please contact the school regarding your query but also look at the school website curriculum maps which have ideas about what you could do with your child as well as some links, which are available on the website and also in our RSE policy.


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