Thursday 13 February is our next SMVSC day of the year, where we collapse the timetable to cover our PSHE curriculum. Previously a post went out about the content of the day (RSE) and our policy regarding this. Below is a brief outline of the topics that will be covered during the day by each year group. The theme for this day is relationships and sex education, each session being age appropriate and follows the dioses scheme of work using a new programme called Ten Ten, after the Governments implementation of the new RSE curriculum.

For more detailed information please look at our website curriculum maps for a more thorough outline of what each lesson will entail.

Year 5:

  • Puberty and how the body changes (this will be led in two different groups for boys and girls before being brought back together as a form group) This is a Ten: Ten resource
  • Looking after ourselves and the importance of keeping ourselves clean and getting enough sleep
  • Our rights (Ten Ten resource) – a session about human rights but also the rights of a child. This also links in with Physical contact and what types of physical contact are acceptable and unacceptable
  • Relationships (Ten Ten resource) – a session about different types of relationships (friends, family, neighbours, partners etc), who we may share a relationship with, how to maintain a relationship. This also touches upon what a good relationship will look like.

Year 6:

  • Consent (Ten Ten resource)– understanding what Consent is, the consequences of not having consent and also touching upon physical contact and what is and is not acceptable.
  • Different Identities – Celebrating differences. This will include celebrating talents, what makes individuals unique.
  • Where we come from (Ten Ten resource) – the development of a baby in the womb
  • Pressures (Ten Ten resource) –  the spoken and unspoken pressure that children can be faced with and how to deal with this.
  • Respecting Our Bodies (Ten Ten resource )– Understanding that our bodies are a special gift and should be looked after. This includes personal hygiene.

Year 7:

  • Friends and Family (Ten Ten resource)- In this session, pupils will learn the features of positive and stable relationships between family and friends. They will reflect on different family structures, explore how to deal with conflict, and understand the qualities of true friendship.
  • Healthy Relationships – Understanding what a healthy relationship should look like and what to expect from a healthy relationship (including different forms or relationships). This also touches upon rights of a person.
  • Looking After Ourselves – A session which looks at how to look after yourself physically (hygiene and exercise) and also addresses mental health. Where we come from (Ten: Ten resource) – A scientific, moral and religious context as to where babies come from, how they develop in the womb and how the body adapts from a child through to adulthood through puberty.  This session gives pupils an understanding of human reproduction, including fertility and the menstrual cycle.
  • Session in the hall led by the police about acceptable and unacceptable contact

Year 8:

  • Changing Bodies (Ten: Ten resource) – Building on the religious understanding of the body, students will explore changes in puberty, including physical and emotional changes. They will consider how to look after and accept their changing bodies, including how to take responsibility for personal hygiene, and understand that there are different body shapes, sizes and personal attributes.
  • Police led session on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – This will be then followed up with a session with their form teachers to consolidate their understanding of what has been delivered by the police. All sessions will be age appropriate to the year group.
  • Healthy inside and out – Session from Ten: Ten – In this session, pupils identify what contributes to their self-esteem, and how high or low levels of self-esteem can affect their confidence and decision making. Building on previous exploration of body shapes and sizes, they will explore the effect of body image and learn techniques to help them increase self-esteem.
  • Unhealthy relationships – This lesson covers what a healthy relationship looks like but focusses more on what an unhealthy relationship could look like (in different contexts) and what type of behaviours to be aware of.

Although some of the sessions for different year groups will be on similar subjects, the sessions are differentiated to suit the age group.

If you have any concerns, please contact the school regarding your query but also look at the school website curriculum maps which have ideas about what you could do with your child and also some links which are available on the website and also in our RSE policy.




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