SMVSC Day – Wednesday 5th May

Wednesday 5th May is our next SMVSC day of the year, where we collapse the timetable to cover our PSHE curriculum. Pupils will need to be in normal school uniform, apart from year 6 pupils who need to be in PE kit for one of their sessions (see below for more information). Below is a brief outline of the topics that will be covered during the day by each year group. The theme for this day is Staying Safe, which covers a range on concepts as outlined below. You may wish to have discussions in advance with your children so that they and yourselves have an awareness about what they will be learning.

For more detailed information on objectives and ways you can support your child, please look at our website curriculum maps for a more thorough outline of what each lesson will entail.

Year 5:

  • Dares and pressures – Understanding peer pressure and understanding how dares can be risky and how to deal with this type of peer pressure and the consequences.
  • Staying Safe Street Wise – This session covers road safety as a passenger and as a pedestrian, as well as covering bicycle safety and stranger danger.
  • Staying Safe In the Wider World – This session covers more situations in the wider world, pupils should become aware of dangers around water (canals, lakes, sea etc), as well as dangers near the railway line.
  • Fire Safety – Pupils will learn how they can prevent fires in their home/workplace and what to do in the event of a fire.
  • Staying Safe Online – Pupil’s revisit e-safety, linking to their work on previous SMVSC days and computing lesson they have missed. They recap how to stay safe online and the reason for age restrictions for using social media.

Year 6:

  • Safety and First Aid – This session is a beginner session to basic first aid. It teaches children how to make an emergency call, assess for dangers and put somebody in the recovery position using St John’s Ambulance resources.
  • Lifestyle choices – This lesson brings together everything they learn throughout the day and their task is to persuade somebody to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keeping Fit – This session highlights the importance of keeping fit and the impact this has on our bodies physical health and mental health. Part of this session will be outside exercising – please ensure that Year 6 pupils are in PE kit.
  • Healthy Eating – Children will look at the benefits of healthy eating and the impact it can have on their body. They will consider what is needed for a balanced diet.
  • Dangers and Drugs – Pupils learn what a ‘drug’ is and understand that there are many different types of drugs and the dangers that these may lead to.

Year 7:

  • First Aid and Safety – This session specifically includes how to assess dangers, make an emergency call and also how to deal with an allergic reaction using the KS3 St John’s Ambulance resources.
  • Drugs – Pupils learn what a ‘drug’ is and understand that there are many different types of drugs and the dangers that these may lead to.
  • Gangs – This session explores what gangs are and the possible dangers of getting involved with street gangs through a story. This session explores personal values.
  • Weapons –  West Mercia Police Youth Engagement team are promoting knife crime awareness in schools, in support of the national campaign Operation Sceptre. PSCO Youth Engagement worker will come in and deliver a session to the children about the dangers of weapons.
  • My life on screen – Pupils will learn that they have online ‘lives’ that they need to take steps to safeguard, just as they do in real life. This is a resources created by Ten:Ten Catholic Resources from the Diocese.

Year 8:

  • First Aid and Safety – This session teaches children to assess dangers in primary survey, how to make an emergency call, putting somebody into the recovery position and teaches how to perform CPR – NOTE: As we do not have manikins, pupils will not be practicing CPR – just learning what it is and watching a demonstration using KS3 St John’s Ambulance Resources.
  • Negative influences/pressure – During this session children will look at negative influences from the outside world and the impact they can have on others’ lives.
  • Weapons – This session will be led by an outside speaker. They will look at the dangers of weapons with Redditch Self Defence and Youth Engagement.
  • Gambling – This session includes content about what gambling is, the age limits to gambling and why this is in place, the catholic teaching behind gambling and also the dangers of gambling in terms of it becoming an ‘addiction’.
  • Think before you share – Pupils will learn about the consequences of sharing images of a sexual nature, how to resist pressure to do this, and the importance of setting rules to keep themselves safe online. This is a resources created by Ten:Ten Catholic Resources from the Diocese.

Although some of the sessions for different year groups will be on similar subjects, the sessions are differentiated to suit the age group. If you have any concerns, please contact the school regarding your query but also look at the school website curriculum maps which have ideas about what you could do with your child.


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