St Bede’s Catholic Middle School have secured a sponsorship deal to provide the school with a new football and netball kit for pupils to enjoy. The generous support from Mr Clay from JLC body repairs has allowed pupils at the middle school in Redditch to wear their school kit with pride and allows the pupils to feel part of the school community. the kits will be worn by several pupils and teams throughout the year groups when they are competing against other schools in competitions at both a district, county, and national level!

A quote from a Year 8 pupil states: “We think the kit looks amazing and we really enjoy wearing it. It makes us feel part of the team and proud to represent the school.”

Head of PE, Mr Stenning says: “Without generous donations from local companies like JLC Body Repairs we would be unable to provide kits for pupils, which really do increase their motivation to be part of a school team, this therefore increases the number of pupils that want to get involved in sport. I cannot thank Mr Clay and JLC body repairs enough for their support.

St Bede’s continue to take part in numerous football and netball competitions throughout the year and are looking forward to giving the kits their debut outing!

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