Congratulations to our two winners, William Hall and Ian Hatton, who have scooped awards at this prestigious Awards ceremony, which featured Britain’s Got Talent winner ‘Lost Voice Guy.’

The awards are to honour inspiring winners and their stories:  stories of incredible overcoming and remarkable resilience.  People who go above and beyond to help or to progress – always in the face of challenge.

William picked up the ‘Sensation Award’ for working incredibly hard to successfully increase his independence and mobility.

Ian picked up the ‘Wonder Award’ for providing a level of support and care that is second to none, changing many pupils’ lives for the better.

We are so proud of both our winners who were able to enjoy and celebrate the evening with their families.

William’s philosophy on life despite his difficulties with cerebral palsy is particularly inspiring – ‘I have conquered the anxieties that I have had in the past and do not let my mind get carried away about the future, the future is what I make of it.’









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