Peace Sunday 2020

This coming Sunday,19th January we celebrate “Peace Sunday.”

What does it really mean for us to have ‘peace’?  The root of the word ‘peace’ may come from the Hebrew word for peace which is ‘shalom’.  Shalom means “soundness,” “health,” but has also come to signify “prosperity,” well-being in general, as well as all things are good in relation to the connection between God and people.

This week, let us pray for our world; that peace will come and all people begin to live in harmony and tolerance.

Our prayer this week comes from Pax Christi.

Muslim, Jewish, Christian,

prayer for peace

O God, you are the source of

life and peace.

Praised be your name forever.

We know it is you who turn

our minds to thoughts of peace.

Hear our prayer in this time of crisis.

Your power changes hearts.

Muslims, Christians and Jews

remember, and profoundly affirm,

that they are followers of the one God,

Children of Abraham,

brothers and sisters;

Enemies begin to speak to

one another;

those who were estranged

join hands in friendship;

nations seek the way of peace together.

Strengthen our resolve to

give witness to these

truths by the way we live.

Give to us:

Understanding that puts

an end to strife;

Mercy that quenches hatred, and

Forgiveness that overcomes


Empower all people to live in

your law of love. Amen.

Pax Christi

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