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Care for Creation.

During the Cycle of Prayer for this time of year in the Church we are invited to reflect upon The Harvest, Fruits of human work, the Reverent use of Creation.  On 1st September each year, the Church sets aside a special day of World Prayer for the Care of Creation.  From 1st September until 4th October, each year, the Church invites us to focus our thoughts and prayers on the care and use of our planet home. Now is also the time when farmers around the world are bringing in the harvest.

Please remember in your thoughts and prayers these hardworking individuals and families of farmers who bring in all that our earth as produced.  Fruit, vegetables, grains and cereals are gathered in that help to feed us and make us grow strong and healthy. The farmers often work from early morning until late at night until all the harvest is gathered.

Many of us I’m sure have happy memories of Harvest Festival Masses and special Harvest-time services we took part in when we were at First School.  We can remember some of those special hymns such as “All things bright and beautiful’ and ‘We plough the fields and scatter.’ Let us remember to care for our earth and thank our Creator God who has blessed us with so much.

This Half Term, we are encouraged to put into practise the values and virtues of being Grateful for the gift of creation and the many fantastic things that we enjoy and have received from the Lord.   Additionally, we should be Generous of spirit in our giving thanks to God and in the way we use the gifts we have received from Him.  Our gratitude in thanksgiving for all we have received should lead us to want to become generous with what we have and to share with those less fortunate than ourselves whenever we can.

This weekend, take a look at the many things that are stored in your cupboards and fridge and if you grow your own fruit and vegetables why not pick some?  As you do, give thanks to our wonderful God who has created all these things for us to enjoy and our planet home in which to live and care for.  May we be ever Grateful and Generous for all the Lord God, the King of Creation, has provided for us.

Our prayer this week is taken from the CAFOD webpages with lots of prayers and resources to help us read Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter ‘Laudato Si.’

Praised Be

A prayer inspired by the papal encyclical ‘Laudato Si’

Living God, have mercy on us, for the times we forget that we belong to each other. You call us to be still, to hear the whisper of our Sister Wind, to feel the radiance of our Brother Sun, and to be nourished by our Mother Earth. Renew us in your healing love. Inspire us to water the earth, and nurture one another, so all may flourish. Together, as one family, may we always sing your praise. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Rachel McCarthy/CAFOD

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