Please read to see Pupils who have quizzed, Form Minutes, Top boy/girl readers;

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the pupils listed below, who have Quizzed on a book, from Friday 27th March until yesterday Thursday 2nd April  (same date range as usual Newsletter)

Pupils will receive an Epraise point for passing a Quiz, and additional Epraise for gaining 100%.


Jessica D & TOP GIRL READER, 16 books read and 854,368 words

Ola E-F

Hazel C

Erin W-R

Oliver T & TOP BOY READER, 3 books read and 118,124 words

Elizabeth M

Danyl B

Pedro F

Nazish B

Alyssia R

Theo D

Daniel S

Kalel R

Raihan K

Alexander F

Sophie B

Zahra Q

Thomas M



Finn G & TOP BOY READER, 1 book read with 93,559 words

Shayaan N

Evina J-B & TOP GIRL READER, 1 book read, with 64,536 words

Millie F

Fiana A

Stan R

Amelia S

Nishel J

Mohammed Khan

Katie B

Megan L



Frankie M & TOP GIRL READER, 3 books read, with 170,458 words

Ella B

Teagan G

Katie B

Emily W

Royston M & TOP BOY READER, 1 book read, with 10,186 words

Harry T

Jessica S

Tymon K



Evie W & TOP GIRL READER, 4 books read, with 165,484 words

Zia I & TOP BOY READER, 1 book read, with 101,182 words

Lucy B

Katie H

Shay L

Keira Mc

Jacob T G

Enzo R

Poppy C

Klaudia P



Whole school reading; from September ‘19, pupils have read an amazing 179,558,630 words, in 11,194 books!



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