Warwick Castle, Compton Verney, Easter Disco, Safeside (Year 6), Silver Arts Award (Bronze & Silver), France Hoodies, Skern Lodge Hoodies, Go4Set 2020;

 We apologise for not being able to provide you with information, before now, regarding the above payments items and the refunds that you may be seeking.  As you know we are no longer able to handle cash for trips etc in school and therefore we use ParentPay for the handling of all money for trips and activities. 

 Unfortunately in these very different times, it is not simply a matter of pressing a button to process your refund.  We have been in communication with ParentPay and they have informed us that we must collate information for all of the trips and activities for which we require refunds.  This information and along with the corresponding funds must be sent to ParentPay for them to be able to facilitate these refunds.  Once this has been done, ParentPay will confirm that we may proceed with the refunds and then we will be able to start the process of making the refunds to your ParentPay accounts.  Please be advised that we will do this as promptly as possible but please bear with us as we will have over 500 individual refunds to make, one at a time.

 Your patience in this matter is appreciated.

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