Wonder and Awe Photo Challenge 

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is ‘Wonder and Awe’, when we are encouraged to think about the amazing things God has created. Your challenge is to take photos that show where you can see Wonder and Awe in the world around you. It could be snow photos; cute pictures of your pet; budding flowers; beautiful skies; a moonlit garden; an interesting knot in a tree – anything! Try to really capture the beauty in the photo, so that you can share things that gave YOU Wonder and Awe with others! We will be sharing as many of them as we can on our website and social media, so that everyone can see the wonderful things you’ve spotted around you. Get looking!

When you’ve taken your photo, send it to School Reception:



(Please make sure that there are no people in any of your photos or things that show where you live, and don’t forget to check with an adult before emailing!)

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