Dear Parent/Carer

We have worked incredibly hard during the Autumn term within the Maths department, following the difficulties caused by the COVID implications.

The children have adapted well to their return to school and we are proud of their effort and endeavour, despite some challenging topics upon returning from a prolonged time away from school for many.

After Christmas, both Year 7 and 8 will complete their end of term assessments which encompass the topics covered since September.

We have discussed the tests with pupils and have also made them aware of the topic content being fully available on the school’s Sharepoint space should they wish to carry out any revision.

In order to access this should they wish to revise, they need to:

1) Log in to Office 365 account using their personal St Bede’s email address

2) On the left hand menu click on Sharepoint

3) Click on Blended Curriculum Workspace

4) Click the relevant Year Group

5) Click Maths – AUTUMN

Each week and day contains PowerPoint guidance lessons, a True or False thinking challenge and a worksheet.

Other revision websites such as BBC Bitesize, Maths is Fun and revision books are all useful as additional resources.

It has been discussed that revision does not mean working hard over the break but at the same time we wanted there to be the opportunity to do some work between now and the assessments should the children want to, including during the first week back.

Finally, if your child has a calculator, it would be helpful if they could bring this with them for Week 2 after Christmas as the core paper permits the use of calculators and whilst we have some ourselves, it covers the need for any additional equipment and also helps with need to sterilise after each use before sharing them around other groups and classes.

May we wish you a restful Christmas and a Happy New Year and a massive thank you to all pupils for their hard work within Maths during the Autumn term.

Mr Sanders
Head of KS3 Maths


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