A reminder message for all parents/guardians/carers of Year 7 & 8 Confirmandi

Sacramental Programme 2020

A special Confirmation Preparation Mass has been planned for all pupils who will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in June 2020. This will be held on Friday 10th January 2020 at 2.15pm in St Bede’s Hall.

All pupils who have chosen to be enrolled in this year’s Sacramental Programme are welcome to attend along with their parents/guardians/carers and their Sponsor.

At this Mass this will also be the final deadline for all Enrolment Forms to be handed in for this year’s Sacramental Programme beginning on the evening of Monday 20th January 2020.  Enrolment Certificates will also be available at this Mass ready for the Enrolment Masses on 11th and 12th January.

All Confirmation Enrolment Forms need to be handed in to the Parish Office at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish and to Monsignor Graham in St Peter’s Parish Presbytery in Bromsgrove by 10th January at the latest please.  Many thanks.

May the Holy Spirit guide all our Confirmandi and their families as they take this important step in their journey of faith.

SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION 2020 – Sacramental Preparation Sessions

To all parents of Year 7 & 8 Confirmandi:

Sacramental Preparation Catechesis Sessions begin on Monday 20th January 2020 for ALL Confirmandi who attend OLMC and STP Parishes.

Redditch pupils: OLMC PARISH

These Sessions will be held in St Bede’s School from 5.30-6.30pm on Monday evenings

Bromsgrove pupils: STP PARISH

These Sessions will be held in St Peter’s Parish Centre from 6.15-7.10pm on Monday evenings

These Sessions are for PUPILS ONLY.  Parents are not required to attend.

The course book will be available on the evening and a suggested donation of £5-00 towards the cost of the course book would be most welcome.

Preparation Sessions are at St Bede’s School Mondays

5.30-6.30pm OLMC pupils

 Parish Centre Mondays 6.15pm-7.15pm St Peter’s Bromsgrove pupils

 (Pupils only – NOT parents/family)

Session 1: 20th January 2020 

Session 2: 3rd February 2020

Session 3: 24th February 2020

Session 4: 9th March 2020

Session 5: 23rd March 2020

Session 6: 20th April 2020

Session 7: 18th May 2020 (Extra Bonus Session)



To all parents of Year 7 & 8 Confirmandi

Confirmation Enrolment Masses are taking place on this coming Saturday 11th January and Sunday 12th January 2020.

The Certificate of Commitment (received in school or Parish) when fully completed is to be presented to the Priest celebrating these Masses – 

Redditch pupils:

Confirmandi can attend either:

OLMC Parish Saturday 11th January at 5pm Mass or

OLMC Parish Sunday 12th January at 11.15am Mass

Or Mass at St Peter’s Bromsgrove at 10.30am Mass

Bromsgrove pupils:

St Peter’s Parish Bromsgrove Mass on Sunday 12th January at 10.30am Mass or either of the Masses at OLMC Parish Redditch



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