On Wednesday we saw our Year 8 boys basketball team play their final game in the Year 8 District League knowing that a win would give them the title!

Mr Stenning rolled the dice and made 8 changes for the team to play Woodfield. Fortunately the boys stepped up and, although they made a slow start, finished the game with an impressive 40-4 win, giving them the district title!

Well done to all the lads, Joe Dhanush, Will, Billy, Noah, Cameron, Felix, Elvin, James and Adam for all their efforts during the game!

Overall the boys have had a brilliant season. The squad have won the District title for two years in a row now as well as being part of the National Junior NBA League. It is a representation of the lads hard work and dedication that has allowed them to be successful so well done again to the whole squad, Joe, Gero, Jacob, Lewis, Dhanush, George, Oliver, Preston, Oliver, Alvin, Will, Billy, Noah, Cameron, Felix, Elvin, James and Adam.


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