Arrangements for Year 8 Trip to Drayton Manor

General – Register as normal with form teacher. Leave at 9.30am from school, arrival back at school 5.45-6pm. Bring packed lunch or money for lunch. Free school meals-let Mr Dickinson know by Monday morning if you want a lunch. Wear your own clothes but make sure they are sensible and appropriate. Sensible shoes, as will be doing a lot of walking.

Medical – sun cream, inhalers, hay fever tablets, please remember to bring inhalers with you. Ensure you take hay fever tablets before you come. Bring any other medications, which you may need, i.e Epi pens. The weather is expected to be sunny and warm so do not forget your sun cream and hat.

Safety – bring Mobile phones and input the school phone number on Tuesday morning, those without phones will have number written on sticker. You will be asked to give us your mobile phone number on Tuesday so that we can contact you in an emergency. Those without phones will be asked who they are spending the day with. You must stay in groups of 4 at all times and you are expected to check in with staff at the base between 1-2pm and have your name ticked off on the register.

Obey the signs, some water rides are closed, be respectful of other park users – it will be busy with lots of other schools. If there is a problem, you can call the school mobile number and a teacher will come and find you, or you can come back to the base where there will be at least 4 members of staff at all times.

Behaviour – You must behave in the way that we expect at St. Bede’s. If you have friends from other schools who are there, you are not to go off with them. You must stay in a group of four. If you find yourself on your own, come back to base and join another group or wait for your friends. Be polite to staff at the park, be aware and respectful of other park users, and be aware and respectful of the rules of the rides.

If your behaviour lets you down whilst on the trip a member of our school staff may remove you from the park to stay at the base, or your parents may be called to collect you. You will face consequences back at school.


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